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Today, we are joined by Matt Wolff, who had his light bulb moment while attending a MLB game. He witnessed a pitcher throw a no-hitter, but his ticket was digital. He went to the box office to get a ticket printed and asked for them to print information that commemorated the occasion on it. They said no and his idea was born. Matt wanted to help provide fans with high quality, souvenir tickets for events they’ve attended and he started Ticket Time Machine.

Matt continued to work a full-time job while he started building the company. In April of 2020, he felt that he had validated the idea enough to quit his full-time job and go all in on the business. Even though COVID shut down events, it gave him time to build up his brand and offerings. This helped him continually grow the company when events began to return.

Fast forward to today and Matt is working with some of the largest brands in sports, such as teams like the Savannah Bananas. His goal is to continue to enhance the fan experience while giving venues, brands, and organizers additional offerings to improve their events. He is excited to continue to grow the Ticket Time Machine brand into a household name.

Check out the conversation as we dive into the following:

  • How most companies are not looking out for your best interests
  • His experiences with depression and how he thinks about work-life balance
  • Why he has no plan b option
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with knowledge people in your industry
  • Why life is too short to be unhappy and how you need to think critically about what you want

Listen to Matt share his story and get inspired with his amazing advice to people thinking about following a similar path. Check out the full conversation on YouTube or Spotify by clicking the links below.

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