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Today, we are joined by Robert Bentley, who decided during college that he was going to start a mobile development business instead of getting a full-time job in 2012. Around this time, Apple just made the App Store available to developers. Robert joined forces with his friend Tim Bornholdt to start The Jed Mahonis Group.

Robert was working a part-time job serving tables to pay the bills during the first couple years of building the business. They started with iOS development and expanded into additional offerings. As they built up their portfolio and SEO presence, they began to scale the business.

Fast forward 10 years, Robert and Time are still running The Jed Mahonis Group. They have grow the team and continued to focus on working with founders and businesses to bring their ideas to life. Robert is most excited to work with companies making an impact as well as keep building out business processes to give him more time back to spend with his family.

Check out the conversation as we dive into the following:

  • How his original plan in college was to become a pastor
  • How it took 2 years to close their first client
  • How he stayed confident in the plan throughout the tough times of the business
  • Why he is against the hustle culture
  • How app development has changed over the past decade

Listen to Robert share his story and get inspired with his amazing advice to people thinking about following a similar path. Check out the full conversation on YouTube or Spotify by clicking the links below.

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