It seems like every conversation nowadays feels the same. You ask someone “How’s work?” and they answer with a version of how you are busy, stressed, burnt out, under paid, looking for a new job, etc (queue the over played Groundhog Day joke).

While these answers have remained the same, something has changed. If you think it is just you hearing about more people talking about quitting their jobs, you are not alone. Whether that is jumping from one job to another, quitting their job, or starting their own business, you are seeing a record number of people leaving their jobs as well as huge spikes in new business EINs being created. It is no longer just about salary, promotions, or benefits. A new movement is coming. The workforce and workplace will continue to change forever.

Am I telling everyone that they should quit their jobs? NO I AM NOT. I don’t want anyone out there saying I told them to quit their jobs (hopefully the meme serves as my legal disclaimer).

Everyone quits for different reasons. Maybe you want more time with friends/family, maybe you want to get into a different field, or maybe you want to start your own business. Whatever the reason is, it does not make the process any easier.

Quitting is hard and scary. You are giving up job security, financial security, benefits, etc. I quit my 9-5 job over 6 years ago and it is still one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. All of a sudden the responsibility is on you to learn how to get health insurance, file your taxes, all while trying to make enough money to cover your bills.

This is where “Why I Quit” comes in. I want to have real conversations with people who have quit. I want to get into the nitty gritty of why they quit, what were the hardest parts, was it the right decision, where they are now, and what advice they give to people thinking about similar paths.

Each week I will interview a person who quit their job in search of something different. Some will start businesses, others go back to school, others travel the world, and some even end up back in a different corporate job.

This is not a show about how to get rich quick, raising millions of dollars for a startup, or investing in crypto.

So if this is what you are here for this show is not for you. This show is for people who have or are looking to quit their jobs. We have open and honest conversations about:

  • Why actually quitting a job is so damn hard?

  • What was it like talking to your boss about quitting?

  • What is like surviving without a salary?

  • What do I do for health insurance?

  • How to I start my own business?

  • What opportunities quitting led to?

  • Was it worth it?

  • Would you have done anything differently?

Let’s open the conversation about quitting and share our experiences. The goal is to inspire and create a community of likeminded individuals that support and help each other before, during, and after quitting their 9-5s.

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